What is Tok?

Tok is a Social News Network.

OK, so what’s a Social News Network?

It's an online platform where you can follow current events and discuss them with friends and others around the world. There’s a ​Facebook app and it’s also embedded in news sources, blogs and other interesting websites that foster discussion. You have to install the Tok app once and then you can use Tok anywhere because the Tok network is all linked together. Why have a million different conversations spread across the worldwide web when you can have one -- with everyone you care to talk to.

What can I do with Tok?

You can read about and discuss the news and current events with friends and/or strangers from many different backgrounds and perspectives in one place -- people you would never have a chance to talk to otherwise
You can participate in and suggest discussions and polls
You can discover news related to all of your interests and networks
You can talk with your friends about something you read or something they read
You can personalize the network to track your interests by following people, topics and discussions
You can get a unique summary of the worldwide discussions that are happening online right now

How do I follow a Topic or Tok (discussion) that I’m interested in?

It’s easy, just hit the “+” button to the left of the name of the Topic or the name of the Tok.

Can I create a Tok?

Soon you will be able to but not yet. Right now, you can suggest Toks to the editors and if they are accepted, you will appear as the author when the Tok is published. When you are browsing articles in the News Panel on the left side of the screen and you open up one you are interested in reading, you will see a box where you can type your suggestion.

How do I invite my friends to join?

In the top right corner of the app you will see the button “Invite Friends To Tok”. Use this button to select from among your Facebook friends. Everyone you select will receive a Facebook invite to sign up.

I wrote/read a great comment, how do I show it to my Facebook friends?

It’s easy to share a comment on Facebook. If it’s a comment that you’re writing, just check the little box underneath the text field that says “Post to Facebook.” Then, when you’ve posted your comment on Tok, it will post on Facebook as well. You can also share someone else’s comment (or a comment you’ve already written) with the “+Share” tool in the bottom of the comment box. This tool gives you the option of sharing the comment on a variety of different social networks.

I want to know what my friends think about a specific tok, how do I share it on Facebook?

There are two ways. The first way is with the Like button. When you are looking at the tok page, underneath the title of the tok you will see a Facebook Like button. Click that button and your friends will be able to see that you “liked” that tok. Or you can use the “+Share” tool, which is also underneath the title of the tok. This tool gives you the option of sharing the comment on a variety of different social networks.

I’m interested in embedding Tok on my page or replacing my current comment engine with Tok -- who do I talk to?

You can email us at ​partners@tok-media.com. We have a variety of products we can adjust to suit your site.

Do you use my data?

Only in an anonymous, algorithmic way. Tok will personalize to suit your interests based on what discussions and topics you’ve participated in in the past. We also collect data on overall user activity -- how many people clicked on this, voted for that, etc... but nothing with your name attached. And we may create aggregated reports on discussions and user behavior that does not identify any individual users - demographic or geographic breakdowns of voting and commenting behavior.

Who has access to my data?

Except for information that you publicly post on TOK, all private data will be kept private and not distributed for marketing purposes. In some cases, a tok may be sponsored and will be clearly labeled as such, giving the sponsoring organization access to aggregated reports of activity on those discussions.

How is Tok moderated?

We have a two-part system to keep Tok focused on news and current events and as free from abuse, spam, personal attacks and offensive language as possible. In the first stage, we don’t allow comments to be posted if they contain obviously crude language. And in the second we rely on users like you to flag comments you deem offensive and then our team of moderators will step in to deal with the problem, usually by deleting the comment, but depending on the offense we also reserve the right to suspend or even block users.

Tok Terms
  • Tok (proper noun) is the name of the service and is pronounced like the word “talk”..
  • To tok (verb) is to participate in a conversation via Tok.
  • A tok (noun) is a conversation launched on Tok.
  • Tokkers are people who use Tok.
Tok Tips
  • Click on the (+) buttons next to topics and follow a topic, person or conversation.
  • Check out news by opening the news panel via the tab on the left side of every tok page.
  • You can also see aggregated top comments from some leading news sites in the aggregated comments tab on this panel.
  • Access your personal profile by clicking on your image in the navigation bar to the right of the TOK logo.
  • Access other people’s profiles by clicking on their faces in comments - you can also follow them at that point.
  • Check out your rankings by visiting the achievements tab, or visit the activity tab to review the items you’re following and the comments you’ve made.
  • Access the dashboard, with top discussions, a comment ticker and more by clicking on the TOK logo on the upper left of the page
  • See Related Toks at the bottom of the page or in the panel on the left side.
  • See Related Topics at the bottom of the page.
  • You can organize the congress in several different ways by using the filter tool above and to the right of the congress that says “Most recent” (this means it is set to the standard setting where it shows comments in order from newest to oldest.) You can change that format to order the comments by ...
    • Most likes - from most liked comments to least liked
    • Most replies - from comments with the longest threads to comments with the shortest threads
    • My threads - all comment threads you’ve participated in will be highlighted
    • My friends - comments from Tok users you’re following will be highlighted
  • The sort order is from bottom left clockwise.