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Students suspended for wearing Confederate flags to protest gay flag-Fair?

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Discussion started by Andy Goldberg:
Rainbow flags were approved in a Seattle school. Was it fair to suspend students who wore confederate flags in protest?
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Results in this view: Yes-incitement 0% - Convince Me 0% - No-free Speech 100%
by anon-7640 can't say it's ok to wear one potentially offensive shirt... by the way I am neither pro nor antigay they are people and have a right to speak about their issues freely... that said so do people who wish t protest against their point of view offensive or not it is his right to wear a confederate flag as much as it would be his right to wear a pro gay insignia or burn an american flag. Incitement would be a major stretch . Personally I don't care whether someone is gay or not, anymore than I care if some guy likes long legs or big chests. who cares. But freedom of speech is freedom of speech.