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Topic: LGBT

Disney's Princess Mulan goes bi. Inappropriate for kids?

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Discussion started by Andy Goldberg:
On the show Once Upon a Time, Princess Mulan falls hopelessly in love with Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora. Good role model, or inappropriate for kids?
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Results in this view: Yes 0% - Convince Me 0% - No 100%
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By Daria Christine Mulan is a Transgender icon already; why not use the vehicle to educate the ignorant and expose the fact that gender and sexuality BOTH exist on a continuum and are only obliquely related? It's long past time for humanity to set aside the simplistic world view offered by Bronze Age Mythologies.
By Daria Christine AGAIN; TOK has offered a question phrased in such a way that answering "Yes" *might* mean "No" or *might* mean "yes". Did ANY of your staff pass fourth grade English class?
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