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Topic: Nuclear Iran

Is cyber warfare the best weapon against a nuclear Iran?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
A new computer virus has been discovered in the Middle East targeting Iran. The Flame virus is more sophisticated than anything that's been seen before. It is said to be capable of retrieving or deleting data from targeted computers, and even turning on the computer’s microphone to record conversations in the vicinity. Like with Stuxnet, speculation is rife that Israel and/or the U.S. unleashed the new virus. Are cyber attacks, like Flame and Stuxnet, the best weapons to use against a nuclear Iran?
Background article: "Flame" computer virus strikes Middle East; Israel speculation continues (AP) LONDON - A massive, data-slurping cyberweapon is circulating in the Middle East, and computers in Iran appear to have been particularly affected, according to a Russian Internet security firm. Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab ZAO said the "Flame" virus wa ... Read more