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Topic: US Politics

Will supporting same-sex marriage hurt Obama in November?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
After four years of "evolving" views, Barack Obama has finally declared his support for gay marriage. He said he has no intention to do anything about it on a federal level, but will his statement of support lose him votes in the election? The day before he spoke publicly about gay marriage, North Carolina voted in a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and cohabitation rights that won by more than 20%. Obama's core demographics, blacks and hispanics, frequently oppose gay marriage for religious reasons. Did Obama make a political error?
Background article: In Colorado, Gay Rights May Shape Campaign Minutes after President Obama announced that he supported same-sex marriage, the Democratic governor of Colorado choked back tears as he ordered state lawmakers to reconsider a civil unions measure that Republicans had defeated the day before. In the week that followed, the debate over equal rights for same-sex couples consumed the State Capitol. ... Read more