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Topic: Olympics

Which of these sports would be the best addition to the Olympics?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
Every few years, the list of Olympic sports is reviewed by the IOC and events are added or dropped according to the number of votes they receive by Olympic Committee member countries. Which of these sports would you like to see added to the Olympic Games?
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Results in this view: Surfing 0% - Pool 0% - Mma 0% - Chess 100%
by anon-bf0a None of these. Surfing will be just as messed up as figure skating is judging wise. And water conditions will greatly influence the competition making it far from even playing field. Pool isn't a sport nor is chess. They are games. MMA is 2 thugs thrown in a ring to beat the ever living ... out of each other. The olympics are suppose to be about peaceful competition instead of war. MMA is just bringing the war to 2 people. No absolutely not. Disgusting.