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Almost 10,000 are Dead Is it Time to Arm the Syrian Rebels?

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Discussion started by Jonathan Maissel:
The White House has been very clear that there is no possibility of armed intervention in Syria, but as the bloodshed continues, more and more voices say something must be done. John McCain and Joe Lieberman want to send weapons to the Syrian resistance in Homs. I think that is a bad idea. Al Qaida is assuming a more and more dominant role in that war -- how many American weapons would end up in their hands? And what happens when the war is over? The West should support the Syrian opposition politically, but until America and the other NATO countries are willing to send their own troops, they should keep the guns at home.
Background article: 7 dead as Syrian troops storm Aleppo University Syrian security forces unleashed a deadly push on a prominent university to clamp down Thursday on student dissent, the opposition said. ... Read more