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Will space tourism take off in the next decade?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
The first commercial space shuttle has now successfully launched. SpaceX, like Virgin Galactic and other young companies hoping to revolutionize space travel, plans to rely on private tourists as well as governments for revenue. Virgin Galactic is planning to sell seats for a quick space trip at $200,000 apiece and they already have hundreds of buyers signed up. A new startup company has started selling raffle tickets at $10 each for the chance to win one of those seats even though the first trip is still years away. Will the next decade be the one where private space travel finally takes off?
Background article: Startup Company Raffles a Ticket to Space A new startup company’s $10 space posters come with a chance to win a ride on a suborbital space vehicle. No spaceflight companies has yet made a commercial flight, and it could be years before they do, but that day is approaching. “Given the kind of pro ... Read more