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Topic: Crime and Punishment

Is 30 days the right sentence in the Rutgers webcam case?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
In 2010, former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi used a webcam to show friends footage of his roommate, Tyler Clementi, kissing another man. Tyler killed himself a few days later and Ravi's prank was blamed. Ravi was then put on trial and now has a sentence -- 30 days in prison. He faced as much as 10 years and the trial was debated all over the media and mentioned by President Obama. Is 30 days in prison what he deserved or should he have gotten more, or less?
Background article: Letters asked judge for leniency in Rutgers webcam case There were more than 100 in all, and nearly all had the same theme: telling the judge it would be unjust to put former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi in prison for using a webcam to see roommate Tyler Clementi kissing another man in 2010, just days before Clementi killed himself. ... Read more