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If the Hunger Games Were a Reality TV Show, Would You Watch?

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Discussion started by Jonathan Maissel:
The Hunger Games has now proven itself hugely popular both on the best-sellers list and at the box office. It is the story of a world where unlucky teenagers are put into a giant outdoor arena and forced to fight to the last man. But what if the Hunger Games was a real show with real people on your television. You might be against it as a person, but as a viewer, would you give in and watch anyway?
Background article: Studio Readies Next Hunger Games "The people are starved for more adaptations of the popular young-adult series of Hunger Games novels, but Lionsgate faces a few challenges in cashing in. The studio has three more installments based on the books planned, and the second film, Catching Fire, will be directed by I Am Legends Francis Lawrence, after Gary Ross backed out ... Read more