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Does the U.S. presidential election need a viable third candidate?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
A non-profit group with a 20 million dollar budget called Americans Elect recently tried to nominate and support a popular, centrist candidate. It was their attempt to break the stranglehold the two major political parties hold on American politics. This group blames the two parties and their extreme partisanship for the gridlock in government and thinks a moderate third party candidate could help. What do you think? Would a credible independent or third-party candidate improve the situation?
Background article: US elections: Why does the world's greatest democracy offer just two choices? The 2012 election campaign season is still young; the battle will grow only more bruising. And voters will become increasingly turned off. But, in America, we get only two choices, and often are left voting for what we believe to be the lesser of two evils. ... Read more