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Topic: China

Chinese law: Elderly can sue children for neglecting them. Good idea?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
In an attempt to deal with the growing elderly in China, they have passed a law allowing older parents to sue children for neglect. Is it a good idea?
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by anon-e7ae This another example of judging other country's because the USA has this same problem! When you visit nursing homes / retirement centers many of the elderly residents families never bother to visit except 1-2 year if any! Most of the time family will only show up because they're wondering if they're included in the will! Then you have the elderly still at home by themselves left at the mercy of unqualified home health aides and manipulating relatives looking to exploit their assets. There are a lot of good and loving families who do look out for their elderly relatives , but our country can't take a moral high ground on this topic!