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Topic: Israelis/Palestinians

Israeli yeshiva students should be drafted or do national service.

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
The Israeli Supreme Court recently upended the religious status quo in Israel by canceling an arrangement whereby the burgeoning ultra-Orthodox population was able to avoid army service while receiving generous stipends to study in yeshivas. This system has been in place since the founding of the state, but the number of Haredim, as they are called, has grown enormously and many say that it is discrimination against secular Israelis that they have to defend the country while the Haredim dont. Should the most religious Jews also have to serve in some capacity?
Background article: The Fight Over Who Fights in Israel After decades of hand-wringing, deal making and court rulings, the question of what to do about the ultra-Orthodox — known as Haredim — and the army has now come to what Moshe Halbertal, a professor of Jewish philosophy at Hebrew University, described as “a boiling point, a moral crisis.” ... Read more