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Topic: Crisis in Syria

Does the UN need an army?

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Discussion started by Jeff Moskowitz:
Kofi Annan is back in Syria, pushing his dying peace plan after the recent Massacre in Houla (108 dead and counting). The problem with the peace plan, and with many of the UN's past failures, is that it lacks teeth. There are no soldiers standing behind Annan to enforce it and it seems that international reprobation is not enough. Even if the whole security council were to agree on Syria, it seems unlikely that any member country would be willing to send a significant amount of its soldiers. For years the United States has been known as the world's police. If the UN is ever to assume that mantle, does it need to have its own army (either volunteer or mercenary)?
Background article: UN Security Council Meets on Syria Massacre The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting Sunday afternoon to hear a briefing from the head of the U.N. observer mission in Syria on the massacre in the town of Houla, with Russia questioning whether Syrian tanks and artillery were responsible. ... Read more