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Topic: Eurozone

Is the Euro a Failure?

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Discussion started by Chen Itzhaki:
In the wake of the Great Recession, the Eurozone countries have been bedeviled by slow growth, rampant unemployment and crippling debt. Though the most glaring examples are Greece and Spain, a number of countries have required huge bailouts and may continue to for a long time. Because these countries do not have control over their own currency, they are unable to print more money to help ease their way out of the mess. Has the grand Euro experiment failed? Would the countries have all been better off without it?
Background article: World Bank: Euro zone woes hinder emerging Europe, Asia recovery Continued crisis in the euro zone hurts the modest recovery under way in emerging European and Central Asian nations, the World Bank said on Friday, warning of the risk of a credit crunch in the region due to exposure to Western banks. ... Read more