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Topic: US Politics

TSA expands beyond airport security. Is US becoming a police state?

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Discussion started by Andy Goldberg:
Cops from the Dept of Homeland Security now routinely deploy outside airports. Is this justified or another step to a police state?
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Results in this view: Yes - Overreach 100% - Convince Me 0% - No - Security 0%
By Daria Christine Wible The states have subcontracted their enslaved criminals to private industry while paying dearly for their incarceration in private prisons; the levels of poverty and hardship in this country increase daily, while the means by which they might survive is being taken away. Without food stamps, how long will it take before starvation drives people to steal...and earn their status as criminals, who may then be enslaved by the state as punishment for crime. Is 'mericuh BECOMING a police state? No, silly; 'mericuh has been a police state for a very long time.