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Does kneeling during the anthem disrespect the flag, those who fought for it?

Not even a nice try this time Larry, this has even less to do with me than it does with the President. Like I said, this was an issue in contention prior to the President's arrival on the political stage in 2016. I'm sure like all leftists you disagree with his position on the issue (and you have the right to do so) but it is completely disingenuous to try and make him (or me) responsible for any of it. My personal antagonism toward the "spoiled/entitled rich crybabies" (which I freely admit) aside, my position on this issue was and remains unchanged. The "protests" are ineffective at best, at worst they are counter productive. I think they have been leaning much more toward counter productive. Even you and I aren't discussing "oppressed Americans" we are discussing the disrespect. That is an epic example of how bad the protests are on their own merits from a marketing point of view. On the other side of that coin is the ongoing damage done to the NFL. All estimates have it in the hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Others have the estimates at over a billion already, and still counting. NFL sponsors are jumping ship left and right Check into Cash and Papa John's Pizza and others have already gone and Budweiser is taking preparatory steps to distance themselves from the NFL. The handwriting is on the wall as they say. You and I agree that NFL players have a right to protest anything they want. Where we disagree is your contention that the 1A grants them the right to protest while at work. Even for sake of argument that the DO have the right to protest at work, doesn't make it a good idea! In quick recap, the protests aren't spreading "the message" or winning anyone over to their cause, but they are putting the NFL out of business. In my estimation these protests are the number one worst marketing failure of all time and no crystal ball is needed to see where this is going! The only thing that remains to be determined is exactly when the NFL will say, "enough" and tell their employees "no more politics while in NFL uniform"! Wait for it...