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Douglas Blowe
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Trump: 'I'm a very intelligent person.' Do you think the President is smart?

He spends a lot of time bragging about his intelligence. He has in the past said he knew more than his advisers, his generals, pretty much everyone around. A truly intelligent person does not need to brag about their intelligence. Trump attacks everyone who dares suggest he might not be that smart . He is so defensive it tells me he is not that intelligent. He may be crafty, he may be devious and he is at least of mid-level intelligent, but really intelligent, I doubt it.

He likes to say he graduated top of his class but the graduation announcements from Wharton shows he did not graduate top of the class or with honors. So he spends a lot of time lying about or exaggerating his intelligence. I will match my wits against his anytime. I graduated from one of the top Liberal Arts/Engineering colleges in the country, The Virginia Military Institute class of 1981. I was not top of my class, matter of fact I expect I was near the bottom, but I did graduate. I then earned a Master's Degree in Education from a very good school, UNCC. Currently I am one math class shy of finishing a 2nd Master's Degree in Psychology. If I can find the money, I hope to go after a Doctoral Degree.

I don't spend time bragging about my education or intelligence, I also don't spend time inventing new words and threatening people that I feel threatened by--oh wait, I don't feel like anyone threatens me except my sons lol. Not only did I graduate from a more prestigious college I never got anywhere because my daddy started me off with several million in my pocket. I never slept around on my wife and was only married once. When people pick on me because of my name which is pronounced "blow" I laugh back and usually crack a few jokes myself.

I have had 8th graders I have taught that spoke better and more coherently than Trump usually does. I have taught college students who are more intelligent.