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Black Lives Matter vs. Trump: should statues linked to Confederacy be removed?

Mark - How ridiculous. Are you expecting the police and fire protection personnel to be there at your beck and call every time there is a problem? Maybe you think each citizen should have a police officer or fire protection officer assigned. You DO KNOW that they have other people to protect and serve as well, right? During times of militants causing disruptions, causing looting and vandalism, they may have their hands full, right? Do you think the police and fire protection personnel just sat back and said, "Nope! I have decided to NOT fight this?

I did not insinuate that you were involved in illegal activities. I ASKED if you were. Big difference. Again, it is their job to keep track of large sums of money being transferred because there ARE people who are performing illegal transactions. By the way, you have not lost that right. You never had that "right". That is a protection, not a right.

About your issue of mandatory insurance: Where in the US Constitution does it mention ANYTHING about mandatory insurance? To drive a motor vehicle, you MUST have vehicle insurance. What is the difference? If you say that you do not have to own a car, that is fallacious because, when it comes to health insurance, you DO have a body, and it DOES get sick and/or injured. I hope you also realize that this medical insurance is not just about you but for the citizenry who have that medical coverage. While you may not suffer from Congestive Heart Failure, someone else may. Therefore, a very small percentage of your insurance premiums go to pay for that quarter of a million-dollar operation so the patient does not have to claim bankruptcy or go homeless.