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IQ scores decline globally: as a species, are we still evolving to be smarter?

As others have pointed out, you were presumably referring to 'thermodynamics'. It's an old and utterly refuted argument, created by religious fundamentalists, in a desperate attempt to prop up their flawed and nonsensical ideology, by ignoring reality. Evolution would only undermine those laws if each individual biological entity existed in a closed system. They don't. Anyone with a brain larger than a pea understands this. Anyone who claims otherwise is either lying, or is a deluded idiot. Virtually all biological entities draw energy, either directly or indirectly, from the Sun. The tiny handful that don't also have an external energy source, hydrothermal vents on the deep ocean floor. This basic fundamental stuff. This is before we even get to interactions BETWEEN biological organisms and between biological organisms and their general environment. Next you'll be claiming that you never eat anything, or that reproduction and/or growth are impossible, as they are, "against the first to laws of aerodynamics".

Instead of merely accepting your brainwashing, without thought, like a gullible idiot, why not try using the brain, that you believe a god gave you? Why not try examing your own beliefs and what others tell you, rather than merely passively accepting and parroting them, like some drooling imbecile?

Science adjusts it's views to fit reality. Religion twists reality to preserve it's beliefs. The trouble with religious belief is that it relies on 'faith'. Faith is merely belief without, or in spite of, evidence. It's nothing to be proud of. It's little more than wilful ignorance. Yet it is a central dogma in virtually every religion. It is lauded as a virtue and it's importance is brainwashed into the minds of the 'faithful' the World over. Usually from a young age. There's a reason for this. Without 'faith', the whole sorry edifice collapses. Leaving religion exposed as the ridiculous nonsense that it actually is.

I truly hope that you're not as idiotic as you appeaer to be. I'm hoping you're a troll. Either way, deliberately or not, you are undermining religion and Christianity, with your moronic arguments.

I leave you with this quote from Seneca: "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful".