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Electoral college under attack by Democrats but Trump likes it now: your view?

This article and question are inadequate to the topic. It ignores the fact that the Electoral College was built in part to accommodate white, male slave owners who could not have anticipated a two-party system, that slaves would be freed or that black people and women would be able to vote.
‘At the present period, the evil is at its maximum’

When the framers met for the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, they aimed to unify the colonies with a government that gave fair representation to all states, no matter their size.

They were deciding whether slaves in Southern states should be considered property –to abscond population taxes — or people, so those states could have more representation in government. Slaves were the economic heart of the country and Northern states, even if they did not own slaves, benefited from their labor. So even though slaves were unable to vote, the Convention decided that slaves should be counted as three-fifths of a white person for the purposes of representation in Congress. If a person is truly fair in assessing the situation in an effort to make our elections fairer and encourage every person to vote, they will invariably go with the popular vote. As it is now, it takes over 501,000 Florida votes to gain one elector's vote. In Wyoming it only takes close to 143,000. Another example: one Wyoming voter has roughly the same vote power as four New York voters. Here is a site with an interactive map you can mouse over to see where your state ranks in voting power.