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Majority of Americans think Trump will win second term in 2020. Agree?

He didn't win his first term.

Now that a Freedom of Information Act request has resulted in ninety pages of voting machine flaws in swing states in the 2016 election (link), it’s time to go back and revisit how and why Donald Trump truly won the state of Michigan. And that story involves the infamous Trump Tower Russian email server, its connection to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.
During the recount effort, Palmer Report reported heavily on the voting machine flaws that surfaced, based on accounts we were receiving directly from recount observers (link) and the efforts of local reporters (link). But the story never went national, and the Michigan recount was shut down by the courts long before it was completed, meaning we never did get proof of why such an extraordinary number of voting machines just happened to malfunction in the most Democrat-heavy districts in the swing states in question.
But now that the FOIA request has officially confirmed the breadth of the voting machine malfunctions, thus vindicating the local and anecdotal reports of malfunctions we’d been reporting at the time, it brings us back to another story that took far too long to gain mainstream traction. Back in October, Slate first reported on what appeared to be private email server inside Trump Tower that was set to only communicate with two Russian banks and a health care company in Michigan. That latter part made no sense until after the election, when Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to his cabinet.