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Why has Trump resisted imposing sanctions on Russia as directed by Congress?

There are numerous reasons why Trump refuses to impose new sanctions on Russia; first, he has business interests in Russia, and The Trump Organization would certainly be affected if he enforced the law that imposes sanctions on those that do business with Russian companies already under sanctions.

Second, Trump was on Putin's radar for years, wooed by Putin and other Russian oligarchs, and has personal Russian mafia ties; Mueller is looking into Trump and Kushner's financials--and many more. Trump has openly done real estate transactions with Russian mafia; Trump Jr. let the cat out that Russian money is a large chunk of their portfolio.

Then, there is all of that kompromat. Knowing Trump's general beliefs about women; inferior, weak, around for his enjoyment, dumb, to be used and thrown away if he chooses, he would accept a "gift" from his Russian friends; it would be easy to set up a compromising position, and Trump would oblige them.

Finally, (for my purposes here) if Trump implemented Congress' new sanctions, he would tie his own hands--and he's not willingly going to do that; one thing Trump is good at is bluster. He rages, then when cooler heads prevail, he promises something that he (generally) has no intention of keeping, but it gives him some more time to figure something out. Then, more raging. Unfortunately, the time in between raging isn't put to the best use, because he doesn't seem to get anything done.

Citizenship agency strikes 'nation of immigrants' from mission statement-agree?

As usual, the Trump Administration makes "changes" where none are required to force their agenda; they claim the mission statement was changed for the following reasons;

1) simplify the language of the mission statement and clearly define the USCIS "commitment to the American people." Tellingly, their explanation never directly addresses the removal of the phrase "a nation of immigrants" from the mission statement; it only indirectly alludes to their commitment to the American people, which--ironically enough--are all descendants of immigrants.

2) remove the word "customer," since it indicated that the immigrant was their customer. As the background article stated, "between 95% and 99%" of the agency's budget is "funded through user fees paid by the applicants and petitioners." While it is true that citizenship is a process and not just a result of paying a fee, saying that the USCIS doesn't serve the immigrants that apply for citizenship--and funds the majority of the agency's budget--is like saying that state-run colleges serve the state's citizens, not the students who pay to attend (or receive grants and attend the university for free).

Finally, the changes didn't have to be directly ordered by Trump or the White House because Trump has been filling his cabinet with people who share his views. He--and his cabinet's ideas on immigration are widely known; it doesn't take a psychic to determine that these changes fall in line with his administration's priorities.